#SAT/ACT Testing

ACT announced three new policy changes today. Below is a summary of the changes, effective starting September 2020.

ACT Online Testing

Students will be able to take the ACT on computers at testing centers starting in September 2020. The test will be the same in format and content to the paper ACT, but taken on a computer. Results will be returned faster from online testing (2 business days). It is unclear how available online testing will be in this first year of launch.

Online Testing FAQ

ACT Section Retesting

Students will be able to retest specific sections of the ACT. Retesting will be possible only on computer, but available to any student who has taken the full ACT via pencil-and-paper or online. These sections will be usable by students who superscore the ACT.

ACT Section Retesting FAQ

ACT Superscore Reporting

Students will be able to send colleges a “Superscore Report” that will show at least one Composite score, and recalculate a student’s superscore based on full tests and section retests.

Superscoring FAQ

We are holding off on any actionable advice until more information becomes available about how colleges will react to these changes, but please reach out to us with any questions in the meantime!