Preparing students for their collegiate futures through test prep, tutoring, and essay consulting.

With college admissions more competitive than ever, students must excel in each of these realms in order to optimize their applications. Ivy Experience is here to help.

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Preparing and empowering students for success.

College Essay & Application Consulting

We are the ultimate guide and ally through this process—from brainstorming essay ideas and packaging the student, to keeping students on deadline and providing critical feedback on every draft of every essay, to helping finalize the entire applications before submission.

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SAT/ACT Test Prep Tutoring

Our SAT and ACT test prep is individualized, efficient, and effective. Meetings are personalized to students based on their specific strategy and content needs. And with free SAT/ACT diagnostic tests, we ensure that students pick the right test to maximize their success. With no minimum packages or obligations, even the frequency and duration of sessions can be customized to your student.

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Underclassman Advising

The ultimate personalized guidance meeting for 9th-,10th-, and 11th-grade students and their families. In these one-time, hour-long meetings, get an invaluable roadmap to navigating the high school experience tailored to the student's individual goals and interests.

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Academic Tutoring

Struggling in pre-calculus? Need extra guidance before that chemistry final? Looking for support in writing essays for English or history? Ivy Experience tutors have students covered for their classes, as well as AP tests.

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Success Stories

Ivy Experience helped us navigate through choosing the appropriate standardized test for our daughter and preparing her to take it, leaving her confident of her ability on the test. Then, they helped her develop her Common App essay and the myriad additional essays for the colleges to which she decided to apply. Their guidance and help with scheduling were invaluable. Perhaps the most invaluable, though, was their support during what everyone knows is an incredibly stressful process. Their input on choosing the right college for our daughter among her various options was helpful as well. We think they are the best and recommend them wholeheartedly!

Stacy L. - Parent

I wanted to finally thank you and the team at Ivy Experience for the support you provided to my daughter in the subjects of math and science. Having one of your tutors along on my daughter's academic journey was such a gift and it paid off in so many ways. While in high school, she was able to challenge herself in the math and sciences which included Honors Physics, Chemistry, BC Calculous, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. She nailed the AP exams and we are just beyond proud of her.

Carol W. - Parent

The team at Ivy Experience are awesome. My son worked with them on both his SAT preparation and college applications. I followed my son’s progress keenly during the entire process and the improvement was outstanding. I was not surprised that our expectations were met. My son did marvelously well and got accepted to his first choice, Penn. Ivy Experience, simply the best. I look forward to seeking their services for my remaining two children in due time.

Eric B. - Parent

The Ivy Experience Team does not just tutor, but supports and guides students and their parents through the entire college application process. Their knowledge and encouragement were invaluable. Both my children greatly improved their scores and got into their top college choices. An incredibly stressful process was made so much more enjoyable thanks to Ivy Experience!

Robin T. - Parent

I want to thank you for the phenomenal job Ivy Experience did preparing our son for his standardized tests. Our tutor was exceptionally gifted! Our son being accepted to an Ivy League institution would not have been possible without achieving high standardized test scores… I do not think his college would have even looked at him without these scores. Our Ivy Experience tutor was not only a superb educator but a real friend to our son who always gave him pep talks before the tests and made sure he was feeling confident. He went way beyond the call of duty, even e-mailing or texting our son the night before the tests to wish him good luck.

Caroline R. - Parent

“I could not have done it without my Ivy tutor!” This has been my daughter’s response to anyone who congratulated her on being accepted to her first choice university. The tutors at Ivy Experience were not only knowledgeable in all areas of test prep and essay writing, they were very compassionate when it came to understanding the stress and emotions my daughter was experiencing with the entire college process. My son saw first hand what a supportive and fun relationship the tutor fostered with his sister. At the end of his sophomore year he asked to start test prep with Ivy Experience. He, as well, would be learning and laughing with his tutor as his sister did. The results were a wonderful improvement each time he took a test. He plans to continue with them for college application essays. The tutors at Ivy Experience will instill confidence and a “can do” attitude in your child!

Karen M. - Parent

[My daughter] is absolutely thriving - [her college] is such the right place for her - she is with like minded people and in a supportive campus community. The city is fabulous and she is taking advantage of it. She is declared as a neuroscience major. I will also acknowledge that [her college] would never have been on her radar if we had not done the college survey exercise that Ivy has - we had wanted to open up the aperture on schools - it was the results of that list that encouraged her to apply to [her college] and [her second choice college]. The best money we spent!

Alana D. - Parent

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