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Some students need to catch up in pre-calculus. Others may just want a few sessions of work before their chemistry final. Whatever your student needs, Ivy Experience provides high-quality academic tutoring that helps students get the results they want.

AP Exam Tutoring

After a rigorous year of coursework, AP exams are administered in May. We can provide tutoring in almost all subjects, as students aspire to score a 4 or 5 to finish the year on a high note, boost admissions profiles, and possibly earn college credits!

Academic Tutoring

When extra help from teachers and peer study groups are just not enough, Ivy Experience provides the personalized tutoring needed for students to increase their understanding, master the material, and boost their grades.

What our students and parents have to say

Before she was tutored, she had a C in the class. She now has a solid A… Our tutor explains everything in a way that breaks it down and gives her tools to remember it. He has been a lifesaver for her – she is a straight A student and this class could have been the end of her streak.

Cheryl F. - Parent

While the improvement in our daughter’s scores after working with Ivy Experience was dramatic, the far greater impact was on her self confidence. She went from fearing and dreading the testing and application process to having a sense of pride and ownership. There is no magic pill and she worked hard to make her gains but without the tutor’s voice of calm, sense of reason and startling breadth of experience and knowledge, I don’t think she would have accomplished as much regardless of the time she put in. We are already planning on hiring an Ivy Experience tutor for our son next year.

Andrew E. - Parent

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