#College Essays and Applications

We are excited to announce our full schedule of webinars this spring! See below for topics, dates, and registration links. You will find a description of each webinar at the registration link, and all webinars include both a presentation and a Q&A portion.

Our webinars are free and open to the public, so please share this page with any friends or family members who may benefit from our information!

Spring Webinar Schedule:

College Admissions: Behind the Scenes on Thursday, 6/6, at 7:00PM

Completed Webinars with Links to Recordings:

Sophomore Summit (aired Wednesday, 1/17, at 7:30 PM)

Junior Summit (aired Sunday, 1/21, at 11 AM)

The State of Early Admissions (aired Thursday, 2/8, at 7:00 PM)

AP Webinar (aired Wednesday, 2/21, at 7:00 PM)

College Research Webinar (aired Tuesday, 3/5, at 7:00 PM)

What We Learned from the First Digital SAT (aired Monday, 4/1, at 7:00 PM)

The State of Admissions (aired Wednesday, 4/17, at 7:00 PM)

What’s Next? So You’re Finishing 10th Grade… (aired Tuesday, 4/30, at 7:00PM)

What’s Next? So You’re Finishing 11th Grade… (aired Wednesday, 5/1, at 7:00PM)

What’s Next? So You’re Finishing 9th Grade… (aired Thursday, 5/9, at 7:00PM)

The Importance of College Essays (aired Sunday, 5/19, at 1:00 PM)