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Ivy Experience offers personalized Latin and Ancient Greek tutoring!

Ivy Experience Offers In-Home and Online Latin Tutoring!

The study of Latin is a window into the origins of the modern world and the English language. It also serves the more practical purposes of increasing standardized test scores and appealing to many universities.

IVY EXPERIENCE’s Latin tutor, Jim Wismer, has his M.A. in Classics from the University of Notre Dame, where he taught Latin and Ancient Greek. Ivy Experience offers personalized Latin instruction for all ages, skill levels, and goals.

Jim tutors students both in home (depending on location) and remotely via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout.

Latin Tutoring Services

Our offerings include:

  • Skipping a year of Latin – Ivy Experience can reach out to your high school to see if testing out of a year of Latin is an option. If it is, Jim can help you prepare for the test over the summer by teaching you a whole year’s worth of Latin in a matter of months.
  • Latin enrichment – Jim works with each student to find a Latin text of the appropriate difficulty, which meshes with that student’s unique interests.
  • Catching up with class – Whether it’s over the summer or during the school year, Jim can help any student catch back up to the curriculum.
  • Study skills sessions – Half the battle of learning Latin is learning how to study Latin. Every student is different, and Jim has helped countless students develop the study skills necessary to learn Latin in the way that suits their individual minds.
  • National Latin Exam preparation – Combining Ivy Experience’s expertise in test prep with Jim’s expertise in Latin, we can help any student gear up to score well on the National Latin Exam.
  • Homework help – Just need a little help with a particular assignment? No problem!

Jim is also available to tutor students in Ancient Greek.

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