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Grades are by far the most important element of your college application. Whether it’s raising your grades, catching up to the class, or extra enrichment, make sure you perform up to your potential with an Ivy Experience tutor.

High School Tutoring

With college looming on the near horizon, every course counts in high school. Building the strongest transcript possible requires more than simply taking hard classes – it means getting the best grades possible in those classes.

From World History to Chemistry, from Spanish to Calculus, IVY EXPERIENCE can provide students with invaluable insights and assistance. All of our tutors persevered through the rigors of Honors and Advanced Placement courses, so we can anticipate and understand the challenges students will face throughout the year.

Middle School Tutoring

Middle school is not just when students finally get their own coveted locker – it is the first time they get a different teacher for each subject. While the classrooms may change at the sound of each bell, the high standards for academic achievement remain consistent.

IVY EXPERIENCE knows how pivotal and formative the middle school years can be for a budding adolescent. As students are separated into accelerated and honors classes, we can help them realize and achieve their maximum potential in the classroom, setting them on a track for success in high school.

Elementary School Tutoring

Reading a book and completing a multiplication table may come naturally now – but there was a time when we all struggled with these fundamental building blocks of learning. For elementary school students, that time is now, as they are gaining their first experiences in using a comma and carrying the one.

IVY EXPERIENCE knows that it is just as – and arguably more – important to develop these basic skills at an early age. As our tutors provide assistance in reading, writing, and arithmetic, students will enjoy the empowerment that comes naturally with learning.

College Tutoring

There is no longer a strong familial support system sharing the same roof. Teachers no longer know students names. Office hours are limited and crowded. Finding academic support in college is no longer an easy task.

IVY EXPERIENCE knows that the need for academic assistance does not end with a college acceptance letter. With tutors who possess expertise in a variety of fields of study, we can help students get the personal help that you seek, working within their busy college schedules.

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