#College Essays and Applications

Ivy Experience works with students at every phase of their high school journey and college preparation process.

  • We work closely with underclassman families on advising to maximize success throughout high school and position their students for the college admissions steps to come. 
  • We offer SAT/ACT prep tutoring for students to open up as many strong college options (and merit scholarship opportunities) for themselves as possible.
  • We offer Essay and Application Coaching to help students package themselves in authentic and effective ways, supporting them all the way from brainstorming through making a final college decision.
  • Throughout the whole process, we offer academic tutoring for any school subject. 

We deeply value building lasting relationships with students and families as we support them throughout these formative years. Our primary focus is on results, in the form of higher grades, better test scores, stronger applications, and, ultimately, more college options for your student. Throughout the process, however, we also keep your student’s personal growth, development, and mental well-being at the forefront.


The field of college admissions advising grows every year. A recent survey of the professional landscape showed 37% of the respondents had been in business for fewer than 5 years. 

We have been in business since 2010, with decades of combined experience on our team.


We do not believe in one-size-fits-all advice: for every piece of general advice that we give on the admissions process in our blog or webinars, we have likely advised an individual student differently based on their unique circumstances and traits.

We also know that not every family wants to work with us on every step of the process. Maybe your student has been working with the same math tutor since middle school, so you do not choose us for pre-calculus tutoring. We think it is great that your student has someone in their corner that they trust and have built a relationship with, and we will still be here to work with them on test prep and admissions. This is why we offer all of our services a la carte. We would be happy to support in whatever way works best for your family.

Throughout working with us, your student will have no bigger supporter, project manager, ally, and advocate than us — with the exception of your own family, of course! 

Team Approach

All too often, families need to hire several specialized professionals for college admissions support and manage all of those relationships individually. At Ivy Experience, we have specialists who communicate with one another to ensure the best plan for each student, minimizing the administrative burden on each family.

For example, if a student is considering applying test-optional to one or more of their prospective colleges, our standardized testing experts will confer with that student’s application coach to ensure that they are making the right decision, given the unique factors of their application. If a student who has done an Underclassman Advising meeting with us moves on to test prep, we will pass along any relevant context to the test prep tutor to ensure any unique needs and goals are being met.

We also believe in a team approach between you, your student, and us. While students are the ultimate drivers of this process, everyone has a pivotal role to play in helping them to find success.

Our Marketing Strategy is Doing Good Work

You likely found your way to us through the recommendation of a trusted friend, colleague, or family member. We are proud that our growth as a business has been tied to the quality of the work we do with our students. 

When we do good work for a student, they and their families want to spread the word. We started as a small local Philadelphia-based company, and are now proud to say that we have worked with students in 38 states and 22 countries, all from personal referrals!