#SAT/ACT Testing

Though we have worked in person with families in the Philadelphia and San Diego areas, many of our families only know us as online tutors who work over video chat. We have worked this way with students in over 30 states and 20 countries since our founding in 2010.

Once the public health situation allows,  we hope to be able to offer in-person tutoring again soon – but virtual tutoring will always remain an option, and any of our tutors who could be available in person will be available virtually as well.

For those who may be considering online tutoring, we wanted to provide some information about how the online tutoring process works.

We work with students over a variety of video chat platforms (FaceTime, Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom) – whatever the student is most comfortable with. The structure of online tutoring is much the same as in person. Most students meet one hour each week and complete a practice test in between, though that plan is often adjusted according to an individual student’s needs.

The tutor and the student each have a copy of the week’s test in front of them, and the student shares the questions they missed with the tutor so the tutor can base the session around areas of need. The tutor uses example questions from the test to illustrate the concepts and strategies needed to score higher on the next test.

Parents receive recap emails for each session, including their student’s practice scores and what was covered in the session. We are available to discuss progress, adjustments to a student’s plan, or any concerns in a prompt manner.

Our students who work in person and online earn the same average improvement on the SAT and ACT as their in-person counterparts. Both methods are equally effective for the students who choose them.

We understand that many students have had negative experiences with online classroom learning this spring. We assure you that one-on-one tutoring is a totally different experience. There is no goofing off and scrolling on social media when tutoring is a one-on-one conversation. Students receive their tutor’s undivided attention throughout the session, which demands the student’s attention in return.

Another important difference is that teachers had to adapt on the fly to a totally new mode of instruction. Our tutors are trained from their first day in working with students virtually and have experience doing so.

As with all of our tutoring, there is no minimum package, so families have the option to try online tutoring for one or a few sessions. You are free to cancel if you feel it is not the right fit for your student.

If your student would like to work with one of our tutors and has not yet signed up, please email info@myivyexperience.com or call (267) 888-6489.