#College Essays and Applications

With college essays and applications looming on the horizon, you may feel overwhelmed by what is ahead. What are colleges looking for? Where do you start? And why does every conversation about colleges turn into a fight?

This is where we come in. We can guide your student and family from start to finish throughout the college essay and application process, providing expert guidance and answering all of your questions.

Here are some reflections from other parents on working with Eric, Karan, and Jim on essays and applications:

  • “I had heard many horror stories about the application process from family and friends, but by using Ivy Experience, we managed to avoid all those tensions. Perhaps most amazing of all, the essays they worked on with my daughter completely retained her character and voice.”
  • Hiring you to help her with her essay and the application process was one of the best investments we’ve ever made. I didn’t have to nag her once and that made the process go smoothly.”
  • Our daughter was one of the few students who had all of her applications, essays, etc. submitted right at the start of school. She could then enjoy the school year, while others struggled to get through this process and deal with school.”
  • “Your advice, both generally, in terms of topic choices, and specifically, when editing her essays, was concrete, detailed, and, consistent. You continued to help guide her as to how to focus her writing, and provided constructive and specific feedback…You were always very accessible, over email, and the telephone, to her, and to us.
  • “We had already been through this process with our oldest child with another professional in your field. We can say without hesitation that your expertise and style is far superior.
  • “He did a great job setting deadlines, giving feedback, and moving things forward in an effective and supportive manner. For my part, I honestly can’t believe how smoothly my daughter’s essay writing went.

If you like what they have to say and want to learn more about how we can work with you from start to finish throughout the application process, contact us or call 267-888-6489 today.

References available upon request.