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Standardized test scores are a critical component of the college application. They are required by nearly every college to which students will apply.

Colleges need a system to evaluate and compare students from different schools, districts, and states. Standardized tests fulfill this need.

  • IVY EXPERIENCE knows how to maximize a student’s potential on his or her standardized tests. With a comprehensive understanding of both the SAT and the ACT, Ivy Experience tutors will arm students with the knowledge needed to conquer these tests.
  • IVY EXPERIENCE teaches strategies and tactics – but there is no preset curriculum. Every tutoring session is tailored to the specific needs of the student, from choosing the right test to personalizing strategies for test day.
  • By isolating problematic trends, IVY EXPERIENCE improves scores quickly and effectively. It is not enough to say that a student struggles with the math section. If they excel with algebra questions but consistently falter on geometry problems, the tutor will focus on that area of need.


Even the best students often struggle with their standardized tests. With college admissions more competitive than ever before, get the IVY EXPERIENCE to help your student get ready for the most important tests of their academic career.

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