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Why Is It Important to Take an SAT and ACT Diagnostic Test?

Colleges have no preference for the SAT or ACT – they all accept both tests equally. For that reason, students should take whichever test they are most likely to score higher on.

We can help make that determination. We use our years of standardized testing experience to evaluate each student’s performance on both tests, locating areas of weakness and forming a smart plan for test prep before students commit.

Students should be focusing on the test that will yield more for their effort. Here are some of the ways a diagnostic test can help:

Save Time

Preparing for a test takes time, and preparing for two takes twice as long. With so many other commitments on their plates in terms of school, activities, and other college prep activities, students need to spend their prep time as wisely as possible.

Save Money

Registration for the tests is not free, nor is test prep. Families who want to focus their resources can use a free diagnostic test to make sure they’re spending their money wisely.

Save Stress

Many students have a much easier time preparing for one test over the other. Don’t add extra stress to an already demanding process by choosing the wrong test to prep for.

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