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Need help with College Applications?

With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each college’s essay prompts, Ivy Experience guides students throughout every application’s written requirements. We offer assistance from the brainstorming process all the way through final edits.

The Personal Statement is the most important essay on any college application. Even schools that do not use the Common App normally still require an equivalent Personal Statement. This essay is no more than 650 words in length about essentially any topic you want. The goal of the Personal Statement is to convey personal growth and identity, capturing the essence of the student.

Whether a college has its own separate application or a supplement connected to the Common App, there are many school-specific essays. Some schools, such as Tufts and Wake Forest, will ask a series of several short answer questions. Other colleges, such as Penn and Cornell, will ask for an extensive essay on why a student wants to attend their school. These essays are crucial to the colleges who include them on their application.