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Essay Consulting Testimonials

My husband I have nothing but praise for Ivy Experience. The first time we met them, they were able to focus in on what made our daughter unique and steer her into highlighting that in her essays. They did a great job setting deadlines, giving feedback, and moving things forward in an effective and supportive manner. For my part, I honestly can’t believe how smoothly my daughter’s essay writing went. I had heard many horror stories about the application process from family and friends, but by using Ivy Experience, we managed to avoid all those tensions. Perhaps most amazing of all, the essays they worked on with my daughter completely retained her character and voice. Next up…our 11th grade son.

Caryn G.

Ivy Experience is wonderful, and their input was truly just what my daughter needed. Their advice, both generally, in terms of topic choices, and specifically, when editing her essays, was concrete, detailed, and, consistent. They continued to help guide her as to how to focus her writing, and provided constructive and specific feedback. Changes they suggested were clear, and manageable for her implement. They were always very accessible, over email, and the telephone, to her, and to us.

When my husband and I suggested to our daughter that we get some outside help for her college essay writing, she was initially very much against it. She said that she did not want anyone writing essays for her, or having her create essays that weren’t in her voice. We really had to push her on it. Once she started working with Ivy Experience, she conceded that they were (are) awesome; and that they helped her shape and improve her essays, while allowing the essence of her thoughts and feelings to remain as she intended.

As the parents, we especially liked your communication style. We loved always being kept in the loop. We also really appreciated that you continued to gently nudge our daughter to keep working on things. We certainly wish that we had not listened to our daughter, and had gotten her started over the summer, but I guess all’s well that ends well, huh?

Rochelle W.

Ivy Experience was pivotal to our son’s essay writing. Ivy Experience provided a very custom solution that matched our son’s personality helping him reach deep to create very powerful and creative essays that captured who he is. Thanks to Ivy Experience, the acceptances are rolling in. We highly recommend the Ivy Experience team to anyone embarking on their college journey.

Steve C.

As a mother I was dreading the essay part of the applications, but Ivy Experience made it painless for me. I appreciate how they worked with my daughter directly, but kept me in the loop every step of the way.

Beth H.

Patience, understanding, knowing the strengths and limitations of my child. Ivy Experience guided us throughout the college essay process without completely taking over. The end result were solid and compelling essays that still captured the “voice” of my daughter.

Leslie W.

Our daughter was accepted to her absolute number one choice university and Ivy Experience made a huge difference helping make it possible. Our Ivy Experience tutor was not just a tutor, but a friend, coach, supporter, and cheerleader. He helped our daughter raise her test score significantly bringing her solidly in range for acceptance. He helped in many ways including deep knowledge of SAT test questions, best approaches to answering questions effectively, valuable test-taking strategies, and confidence-boosting coaching and feedback. Ivy Experience was also instrumental in helping shape our daughter’s application essays into interesting, engaging, personal narratives that capture her unique assets and strong potential as an active member of the university. We are so grateful to Ivy Experience for such a wonderful, personal, and effective engagement! We are looking forward to working with Ivy Experience with our second daughter and we regularly recommend Ivy Experience to all of our friends about to embark on the college application process! Thank you Ivy Experience!

Marcia & Chip

We want to take an opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and guidance with Zach’s college essays and applications. Being that Zach is our second child, we have been through this process with our oldest child with another professional in your field. We can say without hesitation that your expertise and style is far superior. We would also enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone going through this stressful and arduous process.

We are particularly impressed with the way you pushed Zach to think on a much deeper level when brainstorming the various essay prompts. We believe that by challenging him the way you did, his essays evolved in a very unique way. His essays will stand out to the admissions counselors reviewing his applications.

Again, thank you for being an important cog in the wheel of Zach’s college application journey.

Pia E.

Ivy Experience asked the right questions to get a real sense of who she is and gave her concrete ideas of what she could write about that would help her essay stand out. In addition, the follow up was fantastic. They kept her on a comfortable time line and she didn’t feel at all pressured. The feedback they provided with each revision enabled her to produce wonderfully written final pieces for submission.

Hiring Ivy Experience to help her with her essay and the application process was one of the best investments we’ve ever made. I didn’t have to nag her once and that made the process go smoothly.

The results speak for themselves. My daughter applied to seven schools. To date, she’s heard from six and all have accepted her. Five of the six offered fabulous scholarships from $3,500 for each year to $20,000 for each year.

Lydia C.

We used Ivy Experience’s college application essay consulting services and couldn’t be happier. They showed an extremely high level of expertise and worked very well with my son. The improvement in all aspects of his essays was evident. We felt much more confident in the application process and the result proved it: my son was admitted to his first choice college (a very selective university). They also worked with my son to keep up with application timelines, which took a lot of stress away from the parents. I strongly recommend Ivy Experience’s services to high school students and their families who are in the process of college application. (And start early!)

Gang J.

We had an overall exceedingly positive experience. Ivy Experience did a great job taking the lead in helping to formulate essay ideas, setting expectations, deadlines and timetables. They were very prompt and responsive in their feedback on essays, which allowed us as parents to be supportive and greatly decreased the pressure within the family.

Andrew O.

Ivy Experience provided an invaluable resource for our whole family throughout our son’s college application process. The initial consultation was very informative and gave us all a much better understanding of the admissions process. Ivy Experience helped our son draw from his various life experiences and think outside the box in his approach to questions, which resulted in absolutely amazing essays. The Ivy Experience took a lot of the stress out of the process. We highly recommend their services.

Chris & Beth

We are writing to let you know how pleased we were with the entire Essay Consulting process. You helped set priorities and organize our daughter’s efforts, which allowed her to produce the best possible representation of herself. She was ultimately pleased that this was her work, not work that someone did for her. You will be happy to know that she got accepted to Northwestern University early decision.

Janet W.

You did an amazing job with my daughter.  Her essays were excellent, but more than that you made her think – really think! That made her a better writer. She was really proud of her essays and felt great about her applications!

Eileen S.

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