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How to Handle College Decisions

Below is an email we sent to the parents of our senior students, but its message is important for all families at any point in the college admissions process: We urge you to read this note. It is long, but it is important. For many students and families in December,...

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Interpreting PSAT Scores

This fall, more than 3.5 million high school juniors and sophomores took the PSAT, a preliminary version of the SAT delivered by College Board. Score reports will be returned to schools on December 11th-13th. Parents and students face several questions when they...

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What is the Coalition Application?

In this Q-&-A-style guest post by Philadelphia area college guru Cigus Vanni (edited by Ivy Experience), Cigus explains what rising seniors need to know about the Coalition Application: what it is, what it does, what colleges use it, and what students should use it.  ...

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