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What is the Ivy Experience?


Ivy Experience helps students in every phase of their education. That is why we provide academic tutoring, standardized test preparation, and essay consulting services. With college admissions more competitive than ever, students need to excel in each of these realms to optimize their applications.


Ivy Experience works with clients on their terms: when they want to meet, how often they want to meet, and where they want to meet. Most of our clients prefer to work in the comfort of their own homes, while others want to meet at a local bookstore or coffee shop. Either way, our tutors will meet with students at whatever location they desire.


Ivy Experience wants to a build a close, personal relationship with students and their families. We want to work with students throughout every phase of the educational process, from comprehending algebraic variables, to understanding Critical Reading sentence completions on the SAT, to crafting the perfect personal statement for college applications. We want to truly understand a student’s needs and character so we can maximize his or her success both in and out of the classroom.


Ivy Experience empowers students, preparing them for future success. It is not just about getting students the correct answer on one assignment. We instill in students the critical thinking, analytical, and organizational skills needed to achieve success on all future assignments.


Ivy Experience believes that education is a right – not a privilege. We offer affordable educational support and enrichment services to private clients, groups, community organizations, and schools. We will work with families who express financial need to the best of our ability.


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Ivy Experience's advice on how to prepare a winning essay, and how to deal with decisions to be made about early registration and a host of other topics were invaluable during this process. My daughter attended a large public school where counseling for the best way to approach the top schools was virtually non-existent. I am pleased to report success in that my daughter is now part of the Class of 2017 of a prestigious Ivy League university.

Sandra J.

Mother of Essayologist Student

Ivy Experience truly cares about its students. Their vast knowledge of the various tests out there and college application process, coupled with their ability to connect with a student and eagerness to navigate a family through the college prep process, make Ivy Experience an unparalleled choice for your student. I can't say enough about this company!

Sarah Keating

Mother of Test Prep students

Gladwyne, PA

“I could not have done it without my Ivy tutor!” This has been my daughter’s response to anyone who congratulated her on being accepted to her first choice university. The tutors at Ivy Experience were not only knowledgeable in all areas of test prep and essay writing, they were very compassionate when it came to understanding the stress and emotions my daughter was experiencing with the entire college process.

Karen M.

Mother of two Test Prep and Essayologist students

Malvern, PA

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