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Pre finals study tips

It’s finals season. We’re about halfway through the school year, and that means students are about to be tested on everything they’ve learned since the early fall. Whether you view finals as an opportunity to showcase how hard you’ve worked, or a major obstacle to...

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Ivy Experience Founders Analyze the Recent ACT

Ivy Experience's founders, Eric Karlan and Karan Shah, tackled the most recently released ACT to offer insight on its contents relative to past exams. Here are their thoughts on each section:   ENGLISH Eric A LOT of punctuation questions. And a lot of questions...

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How to approach the Common App essays (2017-2018)

The Common App recently released its prompts for the 2017-2018 personal statement. There are some revisions, and even two new prompts. Here are some analyses of the seven prompts from Ivy Experience Essayologists Eric Karlan, Karan Shah, and Jim Wismer. Click here to...

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Planning your college visits

In the coming weeks and months, high school juniors and their families will take advantage of vacations and long weekends to visit college campuses around the country. But how should students plan for these visits? How do they maximize a day on campus? We spoke with...

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Why work with Ivy Experience on essays?

With college essays and applications looming on the horizon, you may feel overwhelmed by what is ahead. What are colleges looking for? Where do you start? And why does every conversation about colleges turn into a fight? This is where we come in. We can guide your...

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The Pros and Cons of Study Groups

Is studying in groups helpful, or does it slow you down? Yes… and no… to both questions. Like anything else, studying in groups can be a good and a bad thing. Here are the pros and cons, with some tips to help you maximize the pros while you mitigate the cons:  ...

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