#College Essays and Applications

Get to know our essay coaches! We sat down to interview Angelica Wekwete, one of our College Admissions Specialists.

Meet our essay and application coaches!
What is one thing you wish more students knew before applying to college?

Don’t try to turn yourself into someone you’re not for your application. Be who you are. That’s the best way to end up at a college that’s best for you and where you’ll thrive. Sometimes the application process makes us focus too much on just “getting in,” when the focus should be on getting into the right school for you. Four years is a long time, and I believe students should think about what is best and most enriching for their growth over 4 years.

What was the scariest part of applying to college for you and how did you get through it?

Officially submitting my application, I just endlessly wanted to make these minor changes. On the day of the deadline, I had no choice but to submit it or let my work go to waste. I think that experience taught me that you should aim to get to the best version of something with the time you have. Perfection has elements of subjectivity because in some ways you can always add more to something. So you have to just try to get to the best version.

What was your favorite part of college?

Having one of my favorite authors as a Professor and thesis advisor. It was great to be able to take courses with a professor whose authored works are some of my favorites. One of the big themes I wanted to cover in my writing was examining the intersection between different cultures and different generations within those cultures. The coursework and guidance on my thesis helped me shape my own creative work and my final senior project.

What’s on your desk right now?

My water bottle, a plant, and an aroma therapy diffuser.

What could you talk about endlessly?

Food! I love cooking and am always excited to share new dishes that I made. I love looking for new restaurants, especially those where I can find food I haven’t yet attempted to make myself.