TEDx Temecula 2018

Eric Karlan
Co-Founder & President

Since our founding in 2010, Ivy Experience has been committed to providing honest and insightful advising about the college application process. While our primary mission is to maximize a student's opportunities and to enhance their applications with outstanding test scores and essays, we are also committed to fostering better people, not just better applicants.

"What do I need to know about you?"

College admissions officers want to learn the answer to this question when reviewing a high school student's college essays. It is the guiding question we ask students when we are brainstorming ideas for their college application essays. We encourage you to watch this TED Talk from our co-founder, Eric Karlan, who encourages young people to seize the opportunity that high school offers to explore curiosities and embrace passions - all while enhancing their profiles as college applicants.

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