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Application essays are a gift from college admissions committees. There is no other section on an application that will give students the unique opportunity to transcend their academic records and standardized test scores to make their voices heard. Essays are what will distinguish a student’s application in an pool inundated by candidates with similar transcripts and resumes.

That is why you need to work with Ivy Experience.

Ivy Experience has years of experience working with students specifically on their college application essays, short answer responses, and professional resumes and helps throughout every stage of the process.

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How Ivy Experience improves Application Essays

For whichever affordable package you choose, Ivy Experience

  • Brainstorms with the student and family
  • Outlines every essay with ideas and themes
  • Provides essential feedback on every draft in rapid turnaround time
  • Conferences with the student and family during the process to review and revise essays
  • Offers invaluable insights into how to express themes, write with an effective style, and structure the perfect essays
  • Exposes all errors to yield flawless spelling and grammar
  • Brings out personal accomplishments and attributes through a professional resume